Message from Yellow Dog’s Founder/Director

A graduate of York University (B.F.A), Katrina’s love of the arts and passionate belief in the power of the  imagination inspired her to create a music studio where creative-minded students could focus as much on expressing original ideas as they do on musicianship, techniques, theory, etc.  For over 33 years Katrina was inspired by countless brilliant students & a collective of dedicated teachers & working musicians who never skipped a beat in contributing their unique perspectives and expertise to the growth & evolution of Yellow Dog Music.   A pianist/painter/writer who’s primary style is free improvisation whether at the piano, the easel, or writing desk, Katrina’s off-the-leash attitude is evident in the ‘bones’ of Yellow Dog’s core values and mission.  What will the next 33 years bring to Yellow Dog?  SIT…STAY TUNED….the studio is going for a walk down even more exciting trails and will be back when we’ve reached our new destination!

As a visual artist, Katrina goes by her alias, Fontana Swing.  To learn more about her artworks visit:

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