Wolfgang (Wolfie)  is a pianist, vocalist, composer, producer and a veteran YELLOW DOG student.  Starting at the original ‘doghouse’ studio in Toronto at age 13, she continued her studies as a piano student at Humber College’s Jazz program.  Wolfgang is also a self-taught guitarist and has sung with choirs, one of which performed at Massey Hall for the Sounds of Toronto showcase.


          Having explored the world of pop, R&B, classical, and jazz, Wolfgang is now finding inspiration in electronic music.  Using analog synthesizers and specialized music production gear she is able to draw from a wider range of sound possibilities when making music. Her latest endeavors include live performances in Berlin as accompanist to contemporary dance troupe, Chaosemblematic. Wolfgang is keyboardist for various local Toronto projects, performing at  The Axis Club, The Velvet Underground, Lee’s Palace, etc.


  Wolfgang has 10 years experience teaching music to all ages and levels. Whether helping her students achieve specific goals or fuelling their desire to play and sing, or even to ‘howl’ simply for the love of it, Wolfgang seeks to find the sweet spot of inspiration in every student she coaches.


   Wolfgang’s love of teaching aligns with her belief that music is a gift that keeps giving; having been a student herself at YELLOW DOG and now having the opportunity to pass on the inspiration to younger generations of ‘Yellow Dogs’.