*Make-Up Lessons

  CANCELLATION POLICY* updated for Virtual Lessons* :   

Yellow Dog’s cancellation policy has been updated to reflect limitations in our studio’s ability to manage scheduling of make-up lessons while our staff is working from six different locations.

It is our aim to continue offering make-up lessons as much as possible, however, we must be mindful of our teachers’ need to take care of their personal health while needing to navigate their new online skills, reimagine lesson plans with reduced resources, and work from spaces shared with families or housemates.  


 –  Make up lessons will only be scheduled where a teacher has openings in any given lesson shift. 
–   Changes to lesson times requested on the day of the lesson, will not be accommodated.
–   Changes to lesson times requested in advance, will be accepted pending availability within the teachers’ schedules.

We thank our Yellow Dog community for their patience, understanding and unwavering support of our dedicated staff as we adapt and grown throughout this challenging time.

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