Covid 19 – Message from Yellow Dog’s Founder/Director

Katrina Anderson, YDOG Founder/Director

THEY SAY LIFE TURNS ON A DIME–a pearl of wisdom we all now understand! Deeply. Thankfully, Yellow Dog, trained by thirty-one years of innovating creative music lessons, is uniquely poised to keep pace. By coincidence, we were already contemplating online lessons just when the necessity to move into cyberspace asserted itself.  So we had no choice but to shut down our Leaside studio, and we are, compliments of blessed, modern technology, open as usual, but online.

Our teachers–all of them professional, working musicians–are successfully delivering lessons from their at-home studios, through the online platform.  I am thrilled at the success of Yellow Dog’s transition to formally becoming an online music studio. A NEW DOG is born! There are the obvious, but not-to-be-taken-for granted, benefits: the joy of music and its therapeutic value, plus the chance for students to beat back boredom while their musical development keeps moving forward. Beyond that, we are developing ways to make music together: group lessons, jamming sessions, musical playdates or our teachers performing online as a group. Bottom line: the Yellow Dog family stuck together and will continue to evolve as a ‘virtual’ studio where our students can make beautiful, immune-boosting music in myriad ways.

CONTACT:, or call 416-858-1234.

With gratitude for supporting our studio!

Katrina Anderson, Founder/Director
Yellow Dog Music