Catherine Di Clemente – vocal/piano (Supply)

cat headshot 2017

Catherine is a graduate of York University’s Honours Music program, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in piano and voice. She has studied performance, education, and composition, as well as psychology and the use of music for therapeutic means. She is currently in the midst of recording and producing her first official project as a solo artist.

At the age of 4, Catherine began learning songs on the piano by ear after hearing them played by her two older sisters. Her musical skill continued to develop through her enrolment in classical piano lessons and successful completion of Royal Conservatory performance and theory examinations. Throughout her youth, she sang and performed in numerous choirs, plays and musicals, but has always found the most joy in writing, recording and producing her own songs. She is well-acquainted with music recording equipment and software (Garageband, Protools, Reason, Logic, and Ableton) and was recently accepted into the Canadian Music Centre’s Program, “EQ: Women in Electronic Music”. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in music production and recording through this series of workshops.

Catherine has worked both as a private music teacher and in the elementary school setting for piano, voice and guitar, and has taught students of all ages. Helping others to access and train their musical abilities and their capacity for creative self-expression is something has always excited Catherine.