Aidan Farrell – Creative Director, Vocal/Piano/Guitar

Aidan Farrell

Aidan is a vocalist, pianist, composer, musical director, bandleader, and teacher based in Toronto, Ontario. Aidan graduated with her Honours Bachelor of Music in Voice from Humber College and her Masters of Arts at York University, specializing in Music Composition. Aidan’s musical journey began in Vancouver, BC at a young age, hailing from a musical family, she learned piano and voice by ear and through improvisation. Throughout her adolescence she was actively involved in choir, band, vocal jazz, voice and piano lessons, songwriting, dance, and theatre. Aidan’s life long love of music led her to both Humber College and York University to further expand her understanding of music and creativity. Her masters thesis is entitled “Love and Determination Suite Composed in the Style of the Motown Sound from 1961-1969″ and includes an original musical suite, with both music and lyrics composed by Aidan. She is also the bandleader, lead songwriter, and co-creator of Toronto’s Goddess, a soul music project created to uplift, awaken, and unite the human family. She has experience teaching both group and private lessons, with people of all levels and ages.

Aidan became the Creative Director of Yellow Dog Music school in September 2019. She absolutely loves being a part of the Yellow Dog crew, as the studio’s teaching philosophy is completely aligned with her own: CREATIVITY FIRST! Her love of teaching and developing education strategy is a skill which she is lucky to be able to explore as Yellow Dog’s Creative Director.  Aidan truly enjoys working alongside YELLOW DOG Director Katrina Anderson as they continue to find ways for Yellow Dog Music to adapt to this modern world!

Aidan believes in the power of music and creativity to bring joy and purpose to people’s lives. Her teaching philosophy and techniques reflect this in every way.