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YELLOW DOG MUSIC offers to all students, regardless of age or skill level, high quality instruction from professional musicians/teachers who by actively role-modelling their own passion for making music, inspire their students to fuel that same passion within themselves.

Yellow Dog Teachers are committed to:

Nurturing the creative side of all students, including solid guidance in learning to improvise, compose, record, and even transcribe their own songs!

Encouraging even the most timid student to think ‘outside the box’, to stretch beyond their comfort zone. By experiencing new ideas, musicians, music styles, etc., they expand their knowledge of music and watch their musical tastes evolve.

Showing students how to not only read music, but to also ‘lift’ songs by ear so that they can learn any song, anytime, without needing a score or a teacher to “feed” the song to them. INDEPENDENCE!

Demonstrating by live example, that improvising is not as scary as they think it is. Helping them to find the courage to make music, spontaneously, without needing a score/map/plan or even a solid idea.

Reminding young students that their instruments are some of their very best TOYS, ‘cause TOYS are what they know best. Encouraging them to “PLAY with their TOYS…everyday!”

Jamming with students both young and old!   Participating in their students’ recordings to demonstrate the art of collaborating in the studio, and to ensure that each recording is as ‘professionally produced’ as possible.

Documenting performances/jamming with audio recordings and/or video footage so that the students can share their songs with friends, family, school teachers and the Yellow Dog website.

Keeping a written journal of all work done in class so that students and their parents can keep track of practise assignments, progress, specific ideas/lessons covered, etc.

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