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Parent Testimonials

IMG_6560Must say that Yellow dog is the key to unlocking all things positive in my daughter Sophie. She is high as a kite, pumped about life, chatty, upbeat and even nice to her brother and me after a lesson there.  She has also been writing and playing a ton these days. You guys are doing something right!  Thank you for feeding my family’s souls. Hmmm..Thinking I should get in there! – Janet Cann

My son, poor kid, has ADHDLDRADMIDCD. Don’t even try to decipher that. Let’s just say that he presents a big challenge for even the best teachers. Not at Yellow Dog. There, they were able to work with him and create beautiful spoken-word music. Blew me away. – Marlene 

“My son has complex special needs and needs a special kind of teacher, which is hard to come by. At Yellow Dog, we found one such gifted teacher, who understood how to work with him. It was a great experience.” – Bev

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