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ONLINE LESSONS – Pandemic Shift

You’re providing a great service to the community by keep the doghouse as open as it can be.
I mean that sincerely! – Norm Bellisario

I think there are many things that will emerge from this situation that will propel us into a healthier and more sustainable way of being in the world.  Lots of opportunities here, and the silver lining of all of this is that it is accelerating the pace of change that needed to happen anyway.  Thanks for taking advantage of that! – Leslie Solomonian



Must say that Yellow dog is the key to unlocking all things positive in my daughter Sophie. She is high as a kite, pumped about life, chatty, upbeat and even nice to her brother and me after a lesson there.  She has also been writing and playing a ton these days. You guys are doing something right!  Thank you for feeding my family’s souls. Hmmm..Thinking I should get in there! – Janet Cann

My son, poor kid, has ADHDLDRADMIDCD. Don’t even try to decipher that. Let’s just say that he presents a big challenge for even the best teachers. Not at Yellow Dog. There, they were able to work with him and create beautiful spoken-word music. Blew me away. – Marlene 

“My son has complex special needs and needs a special kind of teacher, which is hard to come by. At Yellow Dog, we found one such gifted teacher, who understood how to work with him. It was a great experience.” – Bev

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