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Christine Stoesser – piano/vocal


christinephotoChristine Stoesser is a songwriter/producer who composes music for film and television. She is currently working on her second full-length album with her band, Twin Rains. The band, in which she sings and plays keyboards, is on contract with Rough Trade Publishing in New York City.

Her love of the written word led her to study Journalism at Ryerson University, but she quickly found she wasn’t able to stay away from music and started writing and playing for various bands. She has been playing piano and singing for over 23 years, working first through the RCM system of technique, memorization and exams, and then “unlearning” this method of rote repetition so she could get to what she was really interested in: self-expression through songwriting.

Christine was a recent participant in the winter/spring 2017 EQ: Women in Electronic Music workshop at the Canadian Music Centre. She is comfortable with recording software such as Ableton and GarageBand, and believes these tools are an integral component of modern music making.

Christine has over 5 years of experience teaching piano, voice, musical theory and songwriting in music schools in Vancouver and Toronto.

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